Uniteglass offer PDLC film and switchable glass word-wide. For architects and designers are now using switchable film/glass when designing commercial buildings and government buildings like classrooms,boardrooms,residential houses,villas,shopping mall windows,hotels,control centers,etc.Enjoy the privacy, a less heat and UV resisted energy saving environment.

shower glass that frosts with a switch

Switchable Glass Shower Door

Switchable Glass Shower Door enable a comfort,privacy room when you're showering.Shower glass privacy film adhesive one same function too. Widely used in residence homes,superior hotels,even more.
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Projection Liquid Crystal Laminated Glass

Liquid Crystal Laminated Glass is a polymer dispersed liquid crystal glass,which is dimmable from clear to frosted with a remote switch. It's prevalent used as projection screen at home,hospitals,governmental control center and commercial building for advertisement.
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liquid crystal glass film

Meeting Room Liquid Crystal Glass Film

Meeting Room Liquid Crystal Glass Film is available in any custom shapes like curved,triangle,domed,hinges.As well as DIY artwork design allowed.
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commercial smart window film in office

Commercial Smart Window Film

Commercial Smart Window Film is popular in meeting rooms and offices, enjoying the partition,privacy and energy saving. With the smart glasses technology, a switchable privacy glass make the same effect too.
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