Switchable Projection Screen

//Switchable Projection Screen

Switchable Projection Screen

Switchable Projection Screen,in its opaque state makes an high resolution of projection screen when presenting videos. it’s interactive.

  • Multi-functional: partition,rear projection screen,privacy,interactive,etc
  • Better energy saving than LED screen
  • With more competitive cost than led screen
  • switchable pdlc/glass manufacturers
  • Easy installation.


Switchable Projection Screen

Smart switchable glass and smart PDLC film both can be used in rear projection.

Self-adhesive PDLC film can be pasted on clear glass directly. With Bus-bar,wiring and a projector. Using Power ON/OFF switch.

The glass becomes transparent when the power is on, shows the 3D stereoscopic image without affecting the display of exhibits in shopping window, it’s widely used in shopping malls, outdoor advertisements to attract customers, or bank counters and public places.

With an Infrared border ,When the power is off.It can be projected, touched and realizes the interaction of super body feeling game.


rear projection size: varies from 50”-200” or customized.

How it Works?


1,Indoor projects

Projection screen

Intelligent space design – Partitions + projection screen

Projection touch screen

Data center, Monitoring room, control center, Operations Center, meeting room

2, Outdoor projects:

Shopping mall windows,

A video to know How Projection film works!!

Switchable Projection Screen

is a multi functional, interactive multimedia screen available by smart switchable window cover film or switchable glass,customized in any shape. Widely used indoor meeting room,classroom,monitoring centers,outdoor commercial building for advertisement and shopping windows.

interactive projection screen with switchable film

rear projection screen windows switchable

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