Government is leading pioneer of adhesive window smart film technology using in conference room,offices,monitoring centers,banking counters. With a flick of a remote control, all glasses switched to instant privacy for confidential, secret strategic conferences. A good reminder of meetings without disturbed.

factory smart window film

Smart Window Film in Hi-tech Factory

Smart Window Film is a convenient  must in factory.Government applied the smart glass and dimming film in its hi-tech confidential R&D center.Dust-free factory is widely used too,easier for visiting.
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switchable window projection screen

Switchable Window Projection Screen

Switchable Window Projection Screen is a multi-functional window film not only switchable for privacy but also projectable as rear projection screen.It's widely used in governmental control center,outdoor&indoor advertisement.
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liquid crystal glass film

Meeting Room Liquid Crystal Glass Film

Meeting Room Liquid Crystal Glass Film is available in any custom shapes like curved,triangle,domed,hinges.As well as DIY artwork design allowed.
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