The UniteGlass

Uniteglass PDLC Film manufactured by Sub-branch Factory of CNBM since 2014.

  • PDLC Film manufactured by Sub-branch Factory of CNBM(China Building Material Group), Invested over 1 billion RMB.
  • With 160 million USD ITO coating roll to roll system named Smartweb to produce ITO film laminated between the PDLC film instead of outsource as most of Chinese factories.
  • With imported slitting and lamination machine to produce PDLC film
  • The ratio of liquid crystal in PDLC film is our R&D patent, makes PDLC film transmittance above 85% and haze above 90% when on/off state.
  • Aging systems of 50M long for PDLC film, which PDLC film life time around 18years.
  • Dust-free, thermostatic production lines and workshop to produce smart film with stable quality without no dust and defective ones.

We offer all our distributors a one stop solution from product technical training to machinery, smart film,switchable glass world-wide. Each distributors is in our commission system.

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