Windows Tint Photochromic Film Solar Control

//Windows Tint Photochromic Film Solar Control

Windows Tint Photochromic Film Solar Control

Solar Sunlight Control window film

  • Automatic adjustment of visible light transmission level
  • High IR Reflection 80% to save energy,Total Solar Energy Rejected up to 65%
  • 99% UV isolation to protect skin and furniture
  • Security protection
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-Scratch


Windows Tint Film Solar Control for Cars and Buildings

Smart Photochromic Window Film is self-developed core patented technology. It is affixed to the surface of the glass to improve glass’s performance and strength.
Automatically adjust the VLT to offer us a comfortable living and working environment against the hot and blinding sunshine,also can protect our eyes.

They’re widely used on Construction: doors, windows and ceilings of commercial buildings, airports, hotels, schools, banks, public places and residential areas, etc. Vehicle: front , side and rear windows of car, train, aircraft, cruise ships,etc


How it works?



The Window Tint Film of Uniteglass is composed 7 layers:

  1. Hard coating
  2. Substrate(PET)
  3. Functional Layer
  4. Lamination adhesive
  5. UV absorption film(PET)
  6. Pressure sensitive adhesive
  7. Release film


Main Functions:

1,Adjustable VLT

Photochromic molecules constantly and smoothly recalibrate so that the optimal amount of light can get through the window whether in bright sunlight or under cloud.

2,High IR Rejection

The solar tint film has a real 80% rejection rate of full-range IR and up, which provides a better TSER up to 65%, Up to 30% energy-saving in summer

3,High UV Rejection

All of Uniteglass smart window film products contain the highest levels of UV protection, rejecting up to 99% of harmful UV rays.which Reduce risk of skin cancer and offer Fading protection: the life of both vehicle interiors and home interiors is extended.


4,Security protection

Safety films provide a resilient layers of high-tensile polyester and aggressive adhesives for impact resistant security.

  • Provides exceptional blast and impact-resistant capabilities
  • Flying Debris – reduces risks associated with broken glass and air-borne debris.
  • Falling Glass Shards – holds broken glass shards in place, helping to avoid a major hazard for passersby.

5, Long life time: it is with more than 10 years usage


Uniteglass Window Transitional Film Series:

Window photochromic Film Series

Certifications of Photochromic Window Tinting Films:

China CTC Certifications of the Solar film


  • Photochromic Window Film Patents


ISO Certifications:

Application Cases – Bus (East Shenzhen)


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