What’s the shipping way can I use?2019-01-21T04:56:07+00:00

We offer both sea and air shipment based on the volume of the order and requirements.

Any warranty for your product?2019-01-21T04:55:00+00:00

Yes, our standard warranty is 2 years.We do offer a longer year extended warranty if needed, there will be extra charge.

What sizes you supply?2019-01-21T04:53:57+00:00

Smart lamination film comes in rolls of 1.2M,1.5M,1.8M width.each rolls length is 20M,30M,50M. For customized size, needed extra cost and more expensive.
Smart Glass Maximum size:1.8*3M. For larger sizes, costly.

Where is smart PDLC film and smart privacy glass manufactured?2019-01-21T04:48:44+00:00

Both are manufactured in State Owned Enterprise in anhui province, China.

Can I get a sample of your product?2019-01-21T04:50:50+00:00

Yes, we can send you a free sample for your project, shipping cost shared by client.

What’s the universal lead time for smart PDLC film and smart glass?2019-01-21T04:52:37+00:00

Smart film within 5-7 work days. Smart glass within 15 work days. For larger qty may take 20days/35 work days accordingly.

What is your production capacity?2019-01-21T04:52:59+00:00

200m² daily for original smart PDLC film, 3*3M 30pcs smart film with bus bar daily. The production capacity is not a issue for mostly are machine finished.


What are the color options for smart films?2019-01-21T05:08:35+00:00

Except white, we also produce red, brown, blue, green, yellow, gray, black

May I know the electricity consumption and working voltage for smart film?2019-01-21T05:07:34+00:00

Electricity consumption: 5W/square meter; Working voltage: 60-65VA

What’s a Bus bar?2019-01-21T05:06:32+00:00

Bus Bars are thin, conductive copper strips that are affixed to the end of privacy film and to which the electrical wires are soldered. They allow the electricity to activate the liquid crystal molecules within the film.

What’s the difference between self-adhesive pdlc film and non-adhesive pdlc film?2019-01-21T05:05:34+00:00

Non-adhesive PDLC film is the original material for laminated smart switchable glass.
self-adhesive pdlc film has a peel and stick backing for easy installation, it’s widely used in commercial and residential field like shopping windows, projection screens, electronic blinds, monitoring center or hotels.

Can I adjust the opacity in privacy glass?2019-01-21T05:04:17+00:00

Yes, we offer dimmer switch to control it.

What’s the life time of smart PDLC film and smart glass?2019-01-21T05:02:11+00:00

The smart PDLC film can switches 80 million times above 10 years, Smart glass above 30 years.

Can I buy switchable privacy smart film and install it myself?2019-01-21T05:00:55+00:00

Yes, send us details and we also offer online guidance of installation

Can privacy smart film be cut down in sizes when I receive?2019-01-21T04:59:46+00:00

Yes,it can be cut down for lamination PDLC film only by professional person or cutting machine. If the smart film is finished with bus bar, it’s impossible.

How do I install smart PDLC film?2019-01-21T04:57:41+00:00

Refer to our download area

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