Photochromic Window Tinting Films Improve Your Building


With the up-going needs of photchromic window tint film globally, uniteglass sincerely hope you can learn the basic knowledge ,its benefits and make the right option for your residential homes or offices and enjoy it. What is Smart Photochromic Window Film? Why Choose Photochromic Window Film for Your Home? How to Install the Transitional Photochromic Window Film ? Why Choose Uniteglass Transitional Smart Film? Ⅰ.What is Smart Photochromic Window Film? It’s a kind of intelligent light-controlled heat-insulation window film,this advanced window tint film uses static cling to easily attach to your window and doesn’t use adhesives for a faster, bubble-free placement. It [...]

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Why Smart Switchable Glass Widely Used in Luxury Hotels?


Why privacy switchable glass widely used in high end hotels? With the continuous upgrading of the consumption structure and the mainstream of the trends of young generation consumption. The traditional hotels are hard to meet the quality requirements of living. Personalized, Smart, technological accommodation hotel service will be the mainstream in the future. Switchable glass is one of the smart technology for hotel application which is used by lots of high end luxury hotels, five-star hotels to make them outstanding among its competitors ,they  boost the hotels with good ratings, reviews . Privacy Glass Switchable   1,Strengthen the illusion [...]

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How to Judge Smart PDLC Film Quality as a Buyer?


How to judge smart PDLC film quality as a buyer? We heard some clients is complaining the smart film quality problems like smart film is with bubbles, becoming degrading, not working anymore, etc .How that happens? I decide to write an article to help the importers and buyers to make the right decision when purchase, to lower down the unknown risky in the future. It’s only for reference, Smart PDLC film is a high-tech product which is based on PDLC liquid crystal technology. It’s a switchable film composed of two layers of ITO films and one layer of PDLC. Smart [...]

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Reasons You Should Invest in PDLC Film And Switchable Glass Market


To start a new business there's lot of things we'll consider whether we can earn big in pdlc glass film and lcd smart glass field. To know market trends and opportunities,the difference and advantage of switch glass films,the management of marketing,etc. Today we'd like to share the markets of switchable smart film and glass, to know where are they used or applied. Following are 2 links to know the basic knowledge  : what's smart film? What's switchable glass?   The main Markets of smart film&switchable privacy glass: Architecture: High-grade hotels, villas, offices, conference rooms, toilet doors and windows, shower rooms, kitchen [...]

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Why Switchable Glass is Becoming Popular?


Why switchable glass is becoming popular? With the development of science and technology, people are applying hi-tech products to their life. Especially when decorating, switchable privacy film is popular. Switchable film is polymer dispersed liquid crystal  film(PDLC film) offers people privacy, projection, security, etc. Well, there’re still many people doubt, is it functional? Where are they applied? What are the advantages of PDLC film and smart glass? What's PDLC film and Smart Glass? PDLC film :With a EVA adhesive at rear side of the non-adhesive smart film, it can be easily peel and stick to the existing glass. [...]

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