Why Smart Switchable Glass Widely Used in Luxury Hotels?

//Why Smart Switchable Glass Widely Used in Luxury Hotels?

Why privacy switchable glass widely used in high end hotels?

With the continuous upgrading of the consumption structure and the mainstream of the trends of young generation consumption. The traditional hotels are hard to meet the quality requirements of living. Personalized, Smart, technological accommodation hotel service will be the mainstream in the future.

Switchable glass is one of the smart technology for hotel application which is used by lots of high end luxury hotels, five-star hotels to make them outstanding among its competitors ,they  boost the hotels with good ratings, reviews .

Privacy Glass Switchable Hotels

Privacy Glass Switchable


1,Strengthen the illusion space

When the switchable glass is on, the whole glass panel is clear with transmittance above 80%, it seems the space is  extended about 10Cm. The visual effect is larger, relief the working pressure and make the living more comfortable.

shower glass switchable

shower glass that frosts with a switch


2,Easy to clean and check hygiene

When the guests check out ,the hotel management and cleaning staff can more easily and clearly know whether needs re-cleaning for problems have. Saves much time, more efficient.

privacy glass shower doors

liquid crystal shower glass privacy


3,More safety

When guest take a bath or in the toilet, they can see all the conditions in the room at glance, and find out if there are outsiders entering the room, it reduces the risk of property damage. Or when you’re taking babies along with you, you can see through the clear glass to watch out just a click of the smart glass remote control when you’re at the bathroom.


4,Save energy

Some guest living in the hotel might forget to turn off the bathroom lights, cost of lightning. However with this switch on/off lcd liquid glass, a reminder to turn off light. Saves energy.

smart glass bathroom door

smart glass bathroom doors

If you’re upgrading the hotel to a  boutique,luxury one with smart technology, smart PDLC film is one of the option which with 10 more years life-time. Uniteglass is experienced at hotels smart glass installation with our team world-wide.

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