Why Switchable Glass is Becoming Popular?

//Why Switchable Glass is Becoming Popular?

Why switchable glass is becoming popular?

With the development of science and technology, people are applying hi-tech products to their life. Especially when decorating, switchable privacy film is popular. Switchable film is polymer dispersed liquid crystal  film(PDLC film) offers people privacy, projection, security, etc. Well, there’re still many people doubt, is it functional? Where are they applied? What are the advantages of PDLC film and smart glass?

switchable glass is popular

What’s PDLC film and Smart Glass?

PDLC film :With a EVA adhesive at rear side of the non-adhesive smart film, it can be easily peel and stick to the existing glass. A simple ON – OFF switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque).

Smart glass is a laminated glass with polymer dispersed liquid crystal(PDLC) film sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass. When powered off, the liquid crystal molecular are in disordered array, the pdlc film is opaque. When powered on, the liquid crystal molecules in aligned, making the pdlc film clear.

With a flick of a switch, the current make the smart glass changing from transparent to opaque back and forth. The smarts glass itself not only possess all glass security, but also provides privacy. A rear projection is replacing the ordinary screen to present high-definition 3D images.

  • 1,Switch-ability – with current switches, the polymer liquid crystal film is disordered in milky white or aligned in transparent.

  • 2,Security: with the laminated glass technology promoting the smart glass safety. When the smart glass is impacted by guns or hit, the glass fragments are still one the 2 layers of PET film in laminated glass, preventing people getting injured.

  •  3,Fire resistance: for smart film working temperature is -20℃-70℃. The smart glass last 38 minutes in blazing fire.

  • 4,Energy-saving and Environmental It blocks 90% IR light,98%UV light, heat reducing making people enjoy the bright sunshine with friendly energy saving.

  • 5,Sound insulation: the PDLC film in between the dimming switchable glass, damping noise.

  • 6,Various controlling methods: ON/OFF switch, light control, voice control, temperature control, remote control, wifi app.

  • 7,High transparency with large size: Maximum size:1.8*3M for one pcs of smart glass, transparent state with 85% light transmittance and in opque state with  55% light transmittance.

Commercial applications:

Rear projection screen : when in transparent it used as display to show videos& images. when in opque, used as privacy glass for secret. Especially conferences with smart glass, people enjoy the open spaces and confidentiality in meetings.

Residential Application

Indoor office& home for partition, enjoy the light freely.

switchable glass privacy indoor

Small home theater: used as display

Health Care: it replaces curtain, people benefits from privacy, partition, and sound insulation. Better hospital living environmental for recovery.

hospital windows with electric smart film glass

Banks: especially the bank counter windows with smart glass. It’s bullet proof and with a remote control switch off, criminals lost the aim to keep property and personal safety.

switchable privacy glass

Smart lcd privacy glass is also applied in entertainment, aviation, railway transportation windows and shopping windows and government buildings.


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