How to Judge Smart PDLC Film Quality as a Buyer?

//How to Judge Smart PDLC Film Quality as a Buyer?

How to judge smart PDLC film quality as a buyer?

We heard some clients is complaining the smart film quality problems like smart film is with bubbles, becoming degrading, not working anymore, etc .How that happens? I decide to write an article to help the importers and buyers to make the right decision when purchase, to lower down the unknown risky in the future. It’s only for reference,

Smart PDLC film is a high-tech product which is based on PDLC liquid crystal technology. It’s a switchable film composed of two layers of ITO films and one layer of PDLC.

Smart film production requires huge funds to support its R&D, machinery, manufacturer and factory built, so the original factory is few around the world.

Regarding smart film quality, there many reasons, the key factor might be its machinery, material, liquid crystal technology matured or not.

From the smart film structure, it requires at least Roll to Roll coating machinery ,liquid crystal lamination machinery, slitting machinery, cutting machinery; PET film material and liquid crystal technology. Each of them are required top quality one to manufacturer PDLC film. In the following we’ll share you the 5  ways to judge smart film quality.

How to judge smart PDLC film quality?

5 ways to know smart film quality

  • Let’s talk about the 1st factor, ITO film roll to roll coating machinery, the high-tech machinery is manufactured in Japan, Taiwan, USA, Germany, Korea. In China, what are the manufacturer are using which brand for ITO film Roll coating. Uniteglass film Manufacturer imported the world-class high quality manufacturing roll to roll coating system from Germany Applied Materials. It’s around 10 million USD. This machinery rank top affecting smart film quality.

    With the support from China Glass Industry Design & Research Institute, consciously improving smart PDLC film quality.

    The conductive ITO film is widely used in smart touch screen like mobiles, pads, etc. we offered. This one of the way to know its ITO film quality too,

    Smart film ITO film Coater

    Smart film ITO film Coater

  • Liquid crystal technology and Liquid crystal lamination are the 2nd affect PDLC film quality. 90% China’s manufacturer is only processing this part with less funds without manufacture ITO film.

    Different supplier offered quality is different, the lamination density, adsorption capacity differs, which causes smart film degrading, bubbles along with time.

    PDLC film liquid crystal lamination

    PDLC film quality comparison

  • The 3rd important factor is the raw material of smart film. Uniteglass raw material of ITO film imported Japan for its durable, clear, good flexibility temperature ,etc. However other are using mainland one. So we’ll see the difference, why some smart films is becoming yellow along with time.

    PDLC switch film quality

  • The 4th factor is the working environment, it has to be 1000 grade dust-free and thermostatic  workshop to guarantee its quality. If not manufactured with strict environment, it might causes some problem like circuit burnt of smart film, without switch on/off function, which there’s dust inside the coating and lamination process.

    1000grade dust-free workshop

  • The 5th factor is the smart film cutting& bus bar wiring not handled by professional cutting machinery and matured staff, that might causes smart film not working or circuit burnt, edges damaged, etc.

    PDLC film bus bar making


Above 5 reason are the main factors affect smart film quality before delivery. Thus we sincerely advise each buyer/importer work with original manufacturer who owns the technology to improve quality, manufacturer ITO film, liquid crystal lamination to final smart film cutting with funds support.

As uniteglass PDLC films is manufactured by Anhui Fangxing Optoelectronic New Material Technology Co., Ltd, which is the benchmark of quality in China, its mother factory belongs to China building material group, a 500 fortune company. Stock Code: 600552. It owns all the machinery, technology, with stable staff, funds to go further in smart film quality improving and manufacturing,

Smart  Switchable Film Roll Packing

PDLC film Roll packing

China market is complex with different prices and quality, we hope the buyers shift smart film business to lower prices suppliers with workable smart film and ignore the future risky,

Thank you!



  1. Mohammad Salim Rehmani October 10, 2019 at 7:59 am

    “China market is complex with different prices and quality, we hope the buyers shift smart film business to lower prices suppliers with workable smart film and ignore the future risky,
    Dear Sir,
    I have a few questions:
    1) I do not understand the above statement. It means buyers shift to suppliers offering a lower price and ignore risks.
    2) How do we know that the manufacturer is an original manufacturer? Is there any ranking or institution which gives the information.
    3) What are the specification of a good quality PDLC film?
    4) Is there any organization/institution which issues quality certificates.

  2. uniteglass December 20, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Thanks for comment.following reply is only for normal buyer to judge,
    1)the value is the basis of prices.
    2)Familiar with the entire upstream and downstream of PDLC film industry chain. you can ask simple question:do you manufacturer ITO film?what facility? how much? and prove it.
    3)Specifications are almost the same, but there are the main one:transmittance,view angle, haze. put all different PDLC film together and make comparison
    4)Certification is not the way to judge,
    The ultimate way to judge is to visit factory.

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