What is PDLC Film?

//What is PDLC Film?

What is PDLC fim?

PDLC film is the abbreviation of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals film which is basically three-dimensional structures composed by liquid crystal microdrops dispersed in a polymer matrix. Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films are useful in light control applications because they can be switched electrically between light scattering and transparent states.

The Structure of of PDLC film?

Flexible PET film with conductive material coated by high –tech manufacturing facility name “smart web” named ITO film, the percentage of conductive material and PET film quality is key factor make PDLC film of good quality outstanding with high transmittance, resistance to high voltage shocks. The liquid crystal is sandwiched between the 2 ITO film by lamination machine, this is how the PDLC film is made.

With current switch, the PDLC film is vaporous due to the disordered arrangement of liquid crystal molecules after turning off the power. On the contrary, when the power has opened, neatly organized molecules will make smart film present transparency.

PDLC film various color:blue,pink,green,black,coffe,milk white for option.

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