What is Switchable Glass?

//What is Switchable Glass?

What’s switchable glass?

Switchable glass is called smart glass,privacy glass is a new building decoration material that combines the smart film with glass. This laminated smart glass is an innovative opto-electrical laminated glass that composed of two layers of toughened glass on the outer side ,PDLC film in the middle and other composite materials to form a sandwich-like structure. All those materials stick together firmly through special lamination machinery. When powered off, it’s opaque; when power on, it turns transparent instantaneously.  It’s a safety glass that act as smart projection scree too.A variety of glass can be used such as insulating glass, laminated glass, art glass, fireproof glass, etc.It is transparent when power on and opaque when power off,which can be widely used in room partitions,curtain walls,glass doors and windows.

5 reasons to use switchable glass ?

Explosion Proof:When our glass is broken by external forces, it will stay on the original frame so that the people nearby will not be injured.
Elevate Space: No need blinds,shapes,curtains and drapes,which requires washing regularly. Enjoy more open spaces as well as privacy. just with a flick of button, glass dims from transparent to opaque.
Save Cost:Though the curtains block out most of the light but the light still comes affecting temperature. Switch smart glass will save cost on air conditioning charge for its insulation and blocks of 99% UV light,reducing the temperature inside house and enjoy cooling.
Projection screen: it’s multi functional, use rear projection screen as home theater,or shopping window advertising,office and school projection when it’s opaque.
Make it Simple:Streamline the cleaning and maintenance associated with traditional windows and window coverings. With a mobile app to control clear and opaque.
Long life time: it can be used at least 15 years, it deserves invest for its modern convenience.


Where are the smart glass used?

Coming with so many benefits,this switchable glass is widely used at residential and commercial buildings of glass windows and doors, shopping windows,curtain walls,room privacy,etc.

 Smart Privacy glass applications


What do i need to start a smart film|glass processor factory?

Uniteglass offer you the related machinery with training as well as smart film,smart glass processing.
There are two different machine to choose from:glass Laminating furnace and glass lamination autoclave. But Uniteglass recommend the lamination autoclave becuase of its EVA laminated glass with a stronger adhesion than PVB with a reasonable price.

Switchable glass laminated furnace

With rise up usage of smart PDLC film and switchable privacy glass,more and more customers inquiring us importing smart film technology,pls send us email for complete proposal.

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